Project The adventures of Theseus


”Theseus has been assigned a quest to defeat the minotaur but before he will be able to face his enemy he will need to prepare. He’ll need information on the minotaur, on how to get to the Flying island of Kreta and get the necessary equipment. After he has completed all these tasks he can finally go to Kreta, enter the Minotaur’s lair and finish him off once and for all.”


We have made a game which follows Theseus throughout his live. In our game you will be able to play as Theseus and play through some of his famous stories like defeating the minotaur. We will not strictly follow the story but build upon it. For example: you will still defeat the minotaur but you will do so on the now flying Island of Kreta. We do this to ensure interesting levels and environment at all time. Together with this you mainly need to overcome problems by gathering items and making them into something you need by crafting.

We hebben met 3 artists en 4 devs gewerkt aan dit project. We kregen er 5 maanden voor.
Mijn rol in dit project was UX. (User Experience) Daarnaast was ik als 2D/3D artist verantwoordelijk voor de environment, buildings, props, sprites en UI.




UV map – Bunny