Project Hanzaki


”In the past, a Japanese village was attacked by a group of very dangerous creatures from the rivers. The boy who overslept went to school but it was completely destroyed. Since you’re one of the top ninja of the school, you, boy, decides to find out who did this.”


There are three levels. The intro level in which you explore the damaged school. The fields and forest in which you solve puzzles and remain stealth. The final level that ends in the shrine in which you have to overcome greater obstacles like stronger enemies and harder platforming.

There are multiple upgrades made available throughout the game that help you with platforming and fighting. (Katana, Shuriken, Grappling Hook) The enemies will be different sizes and types of Kappa.

Download game: Hanzaki

We hebben met 8 man ongeveer een half jaar aan Hanzaki gewerkt. Per week kregen we 10± uur de tijd.

Mijn rol in dit project was QA. (Quality Assistance) Daarnaast was ik als 3D/2D artist verantwoordelijk voor de environment, props, UI, sprites en de Kappa enemies.


level 2 & 3 video coming soon

User interface


Adult Kappa

UV map – Adult Kappa

Baby Kappa

UV map – Baby Kappa